Amble with us in the picturesque Garden District. Learn about the architecture and famous personalities of the area and end with a tour of Lafayette Cemetery #1 where many movies and television shows are filmed.

Ever wonder where Anne Rice grew up or one of your favorite actors live? We will show you and give you the opportunity to walk the same streets that they have walked and still walk today.

As a bonus we will take you on a guided tour through the beautiful Lafayette Cemetery #1. We will explain our burial practices, what certain statuary depicts, and some interesting stories of those who are buried in this beautiful tree shaded cemetery.


This is a “Must Be Experienced” tour!

Arrival Times – 10:15am & 1:15am
Departure Times – 10:30am & 1:30pm Mon- Sat

10:30am only on Sundays

Adults – $25
Seniors / Military – $20
Children 12 to 17  – $15

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