Tour the French Quarter with tales of real life crime horror. From serial killers to notorious arson, explore the underbelly of the heart of New Orleans of our past 300 years. We will take you on a journey across time since the founding of New Orleans in 1718 when getting away with murder was much easier… to modern times that can make it a “little” more difficult to get away with.

We have researched the darkest history of New Orleans that has been kept on the “down low” and we want to share our findings with you. Listen to tales of the crime ridden Gallatin St. during the 1800s through the murder of a well known local in 2005. These stories will stay with you for a very long time…

Definitely a “Must See” tour for all crime buffs and those drawn to the darkest of history…

Arrival Times Daily – 7:15pm
Departure Times Daily – 7:30pm  

Adults – $25
Seniors / Military: – $20
Children 12 to 17: – $15

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