iconnewTake part in your very own Paranormal Investigation of a Certified New Orleans Haunted House!

Paranormal Investigations are led by professional psychic mediums, spiritual practitioners, and experienced paranormal investigators, Otter Campbell and Willow Le Mechant.

Your experience begins with a séance to open the veil to the spirit world, followed by hands-on instruction in the use of sensitive paranormal equipment.

Guests will be guided room by room through a 100-year-old house and will take readings, do EVP sessions, Spirit box sessions, and use night vision cameras to document their evening.

Guests will be given access to the evidence as a souvenir of their experience.

Adults  & Children 16 and up – $75
Want to spend the night in the haunted house?

Book an overnight stay, with the additional option of keeping investigative equipment in your room.

Click HERE to Email your hosts and request an Overnight Stay with your Paranormal Investigation. 

Guest Requirements

Bringing guests under 18?
If you bring guests that are under 18, it’s your responsibility to make sure the activities they participate in are age-appropriate.

Keep In Mind
We will be climbing a flight of stairs, possibly more than once. Not all areas to be investigated are heated or air-conditioned, so climate-appropriate clothing is important for your comfort.

Who Can Attend?
Guests ages 16 and up can attend.

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