Black Rose Paranormal Adventures was founded and is owned and operated by professional psychic medium Willow Le Mechant. (

We will take you on a unique paranormal adventure each time you join us. We offer both daytime paranormal investigations in local cemeteries and nighttime paranormal investigations in haunted locations both in the local New Orleans area and on special paranormal event retreats outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. You will get hands on experience using real ghost hunting equipment. Please feel free to Bring Your Camera to capture your very own Paranormal Evidence too!!!

We also offer private Seances with Psychic Medium Willow Le Mechant. You can choose to do both in our paranormal experience packages.

Departure Location: Will be given upon your booking confirmation through a text message. Locations are not publicaly shared as we will change them to keep things interesting for our repeat guests.

We walk Rain or Shine so come prepared. Wear comfortable shoes.

For more information call us @ 504-655-3064 or email us at
Private Adventures Available for 6 or more.


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